The Lakeshore Baseball Association exists to provide the youth of our community with an affordable opportunity to learn excellent baseball skills in a fun, healthy, environment. and to develop the three following attributes Character, Courage, and Loyalty, to also understand an individual’s contribution to a team, to value healthy competition, and to respect the game and all its participants. Newsletter for week of Feb 23Our goal is that these values and attributes will extend in to the lives of our players beyond baseball. It is our vision that we will continue to inspire pride in every player, parent, and volunteer for being part of a continuing tradition that has made us aspire to be the most successful association in Canada since 1969.

We provide a fun and encouraging environment for boys and girls to develop their baseball skills. Starting at age 4, players learn how to participate and succeed as a team. Our mandate is to foster, promote and teach amateur baseball/softball to all eligible individuals without regard to race, creed, colour, sex, religion or national origin. Newsletter for week of Feb 23To develop community spirit and encourage sportsmanship and good fellowship among all eligible individuals and participate to the betterment of their physical, mental and social well being.

We offer 6 divisions of play, starting with Rallye Cap & progressing through , U9, U11, U13, U15 and U18.

A Board of Directors heads our association, and our clubhouse in Beaconhill Park is headquarters for the work that takes place year-round. We have an annual general meeting each fall, and all LBA members are encouraged to attend. Several of our Board members are also coaches, a group that is a vital component of our organization, and upon whose commitment and dedication all the teams rely.  

With our unique facilities, our on-field accomplishments, and our proactive and innovative total team approach (players, coaches, umpires, parents, and Directors), LBA continues to be an important and successful community sports organization with an exciting and positive future.   We encourage other members to join our Board or to volunteer in another capacity. There is much to do and comparatively few people to do it all; so if you would like to be a more active member, please let us know.