For Lakeshore Coaches: **Please ensure that you have verified local weather (city where game is taking place) before cancelling. What is happening in the city may not be the case on the West Island**

Game Cancellation Procedure: In the case of a rainout, the home team coach must advise the visiting coach (email or phone - coaches directory) of the cancellation at least 3 hours prior to the game time. Your email must include the LSL Game Number. Please copy the following people on the email:

bpatel@gmarep.com, vpbaseball@lakeshorebaseball.ca, brhjen@videotron.ca, officials@lakeshorebaseball.ca

When rescheduling games, if it is a Lakeshore home game it is up to the Lakeshore coach to follow the following procedures. Review possible replacement dates that would work for your team and the opposing team. please email Bharat Patel (Field Schedular) at bpatel@gmarep.com, vpbaseball@lakeshorebaseball.ca to confirm a field availabilities for the days you are looking for. All games must be confirmed rescheduled within seven (7) days of its cancelation and rescheduled on a date no later than 15 days following the original game date or the team will be fined.

The coach of the home team should then contact the visiting team to suggest two (2) to three (3) date options (preferably by email so that there is a written record) .

Once confirmed by you and the other team and the field has been confirmed please email bpatel@gmarep.com, vpbaseball@lakeshorebaseball.ca, brhjen@videotron.ca, officials@lakeshorebaseball.ca to advise of the new date so that the league can update the site and that umpires can be found.

The regional VP of the league will then send a confirmation email to both teams and the local rep responsible for umpires, scorekeepers and fields to finalize the date. After this, the league website will be updated.

B. Any Member that has a game to reschedule in the summer regular season must reschedule this game within seven (7) days of its cancelation. The game must be played within fifteen (15) days of the date initially scheduled. Exceptional cases are judged by the regional VP of the league.