Got a Question? ... Get a Answer!

Below you will find the answer to the questions we get asked the most about Lakeshore Baseball.

1. What is the Lakeshore Baseball Association (LBA)?

Lakeshore Baseball Association (also known as LBA) is a nonprofit organization that falls under the umbrella of Baseball Québec and is affiliated within the Region of Lac St-Louis. Our purpose and goals are to promote and organize the game of baseball for the youth in our community for children from the ages of 4 through 18 years.  Our boroughs include Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Baie D’Urfe, Beaconsfield, Kirkland, and Senneville.  We would not be able to achieve this without our parent volunteers who provide their time, energy and effort!  Our boroughs provide the field space necessary to run our season.

2. What is the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

The AGM is an annual general meeting that is held in the fall, post seasonThe Board of Directors present a résumé of the past season. It is also an opportunity for members to pose questions to the Board of Directors. Elections, should any positions be available for re-election to the Board of Directors, are held at this meeting. All Members are advised and invited to the AGM through e-mail, at least 30 days before the AGM date.

3. How does LBA disseminate information?
  • The LBA will communicate via email, social media as well as our website both during the baseball season as well as post-season. The LBA Board members occasionally receive baseball information from Lac St-Louis and Baseball Quebec – when pertinent, we will forward them to our membership.  We will forward these communiqués as they are received and therefore, they maybe in English or French or both.  Our coaches will usually communicate via email in-season. Information sent by the coaches will be at the coaches’ discretion.  We are working towards becoming a bilingual organization and as such, please let us know if you can help us translate our materials.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at

4. Who reads & responds to e-mails sent to the LBA?

E-mails sent to LBA at our email address and/or  are automatically received by all or some members of the Board of Directors. During the season, others, such as the head umpire, may also automatically receive these e-mails. Generally, responses are provided promptly, and our goal is to answer you on the same day.

5. Is the LBA for players of all skill levels?
  • LBA participates in various levels.  Our B level is a house league that plays amongst other teams from various local municipalities.  Our A level teams as well as our Bantam and Midget B teams plays in the Lac St. Louis Ligue which includes all associations within the Region of Lac St. Louis. The Lac St Louis Tigers, an affiliated organization runs the AA level.  Feel free to contact us at for more information on the levels.

6. How far will we be expected to travel for games?
  • All LBA teams travel outside of our territory except for the Rallye-Cap groups. “ Our A teams and Bantam and Midget B teams may travel anywhere in the Lac St-Louis region (Dollard, Valleyfield, Beauharnois and more) The other B teams, tend to play within the Lakeshore association except for some games outside within the West Island area. Travel can also be expected for special events such as tournaments, regionals and provincials.

7. Is there off-season training required?
  • LBA offers an elective winter training clinic; there is no requirement to attend.  The location is named at the time of registration as it can vary from season to season. These clinics are offered to anyone who is interested (not only LBA members). These sessions, usually for atom-age and above are for players who wish to start their training in anticipation of the summer season or for kids who would like try baseball for the first time. Details are sent through e-mail in the fall while the camp begins in January.  There is a possibility of a drop-in fee; these requests can be answered once registration is underway. 

8. When does the Season Start?

Rallye-Cap (T-Ball & Pitching Machine) – Late May start through August.  The instructors will contact the players in mid-May. 

For A and B Levels (All age groups) - Mid to late May start through end of August.  The head coach or manager of the team will contact the players around the first 2 weeks of May. It is possible that your team plays in Regional Championships or play-offs after mid-August, so please consider this when planning vacations.

 For all levels and age group, the game schedule is completed by the end of May. Once teams are finalized, they are posted on our website and you will receive an email from the convener or the head coach of the team to which you have been assigned.

9. How does the LBA evaluate players?
  • Players are evaluated over many sessions, by several conveners and evaluators, in many skill categories. The evaluation process begins in April and will take place indoors & outdoors to ensure that mother nature does not prevent a proper evaluation opportunity.  Even if a player does not wish to play for an A team, we encourage attendance at the evaluations; consider them as extra coaching/training sessions.  Only fully registered players are contacted regarding evaluations.  In order to be fully registered, one must have completed a registration (online or by mail) and provided payment.

10. In which Age Category would my child play in?

Players are grouped by year of birth, please see table below.  

Level Year of Birth

Rallye Cap (T-Ball)

2017 - 2018

Rallye Cap (Pitching Machine)

2015 - 2016


2013 - 2014


2011 - 2012


2009 - 2010


2007 - 2008


2004 – 2006

11. Is my child going to get equal play-time?
  • All teams, as required by Baseball Quebec, adhere to the concept of equal play. This means that all players get to bat on a rotational basis. It is possible that not every player will bat in each inning; batting order applies in this situation.  The positions on the field are left to the head coach's discretion but each player will get to experience each position. To ensure that teams are not caught shorthanded (in the event of player absence) teams are encouraged to take full advantage of the call-up system, which allows players from lower levels to substitute.

12. What equipment does my child need? And what does LBA provide?

Your child will need a batting helmet, gray baseball pants, a baseball glove, an athletic support and running shoes or rubber cleats.  No metal spikes allowed. It is suggested that players at the Mosquito Level and older have cleats. The game jersey and cap are supplied by the LBA.  Players keep their caps. Most of the time the jersey is returned at the end of the season. Should your child need any of the equipment listed above please find some suggested stores that carry the necessary equipment below;


Play-it-Again Sports 
2973 Saint-Charles Blvd.
Kirkland, QC H9H 3B5
(514) 697-1079


Sport Experts (Fairview Mall)
6815 Trans-Canada Hwy,
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 5J1
(514) 694-8181

13. How much does it cost to play baseball?
  • The season’s fee depends on the age group of your child.  LBA registration fee includes all field time required for practices & games.  We do offer sibling rebates; please refer to the website for current up to date pricing or contact us at  Once your child has been assigned to a team, a team budget may be established. The amount is dependent on many factors; participation in tournaments, team photos, end-of-season party etc.

14. How do I register my child?

You may register your child online HERE


or by downloading the registration form HERE

and mailing it to:


Lakeshore Baseball Association
P.O. Box 40524,
2963 St. Charles Blvd.,
Kirkland, QC
H9H 5G8


No registration is complete until payment is received in full.  As of February 2019, payment must be made by cheque and sent to the address above.

15. Are the coaches accredited, certified or trained in some way? I am thinking of becoming a coach, what do I need to do?

We are always searching for new head coaches & assistant coaches as well as team managers. Whether you have been doing it for years, or if you want to try it out, we will help you! Our coaches are all parent volunteers. They are trained through various online courses and clinics. The initial course is online and can be completed by registering at this link:


 The LBA will pay the cost of coaches training. If you are interested in coaching, go to our Coach’s Corner page at:


For Further inquiries, please email us at


We will be publishing a Coach’s Code of Conduct soon.

16. I am thinking of becoming an Umpire. What qualifications are necessary?

Do you know the game well?  An initial training is required, and we will provide that.  We also offer training for all levels of experience; this is a position in which you are continually learning.


We are always looking for new umpires! If you are interested, please visit our officials link: or contact us at

17. I would like to become a Scorekeeper, what do I need to do?
18. Can I request that my son & his friend be on the same team?

At the recreational house league B level, we will do our best to put your child & his/her friend on the same team, however this is not always possible as ensuring that all teams are balanced is our priority.  At our inter-city A level, however, this is harder to do as only players that possess the necessary skill set to be invited onto an A team can play at this level.

19. What is my child's commitment as a player?

The LBA asks that all players sign-up for the season with the intention of making as full a commitment as possible to their team, throughout the season.  At the more competitive, A level, there are stricter requirements for attendance given the privilege and opportunities that these players are afforded.


Perhaps your family is planning an extended vacation, or your child is enrolled at a sleep-away camp.  The LBA asks that you notify us of this fact when you register.  Giving us a head’s-up will allow us the opportunity to plan for your child's absence.  Also, please keep in mind that the LBA is part of Baseball Quebec.  There are certain events where regular season attendance records will be verified before participation is permitted.  This includes regional & provincial championships depending on age and level of play.  


We will be publishing a Player’s Code of Conduct soon.

20. What is my commitment as a parent?

Like most amateur sports, LBA is operated by volunteers.  Our coaches, assistant coaches, managers, directors and other parent volunteers are offering their free time to help all our children nurture their love of baseball.  Please consider volunteering on your child’s team, at the field or at one of our many community events.  Your positive involvement in your child’s sport of choice is a wonderful way to encourage & support their efforts!


We will be publishing a Parent’s Code of Conduct soon.

21. Do you encourage participation in more than 1 sport?
  • Baseball Canada encourages participation in more than one sport; so does LBA!  When considering your child’s participation in more than one sport and the associated schedules, please ensure that his/her list of commitments does not hinder their contribution as a team member.

22. Who do I contact if I have an issue and/or complaint?

Lakeshore Baseball is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and fairness. Conduct that is unbecoming may be subject to disciplinary action by the association.   We encourage our members to try to work first with our volunteer coaches, assistant coaches, team managers and conveners to resolve all issues amicably.  Having said that, we recognize that at times, an issue needs to be escalated. 


Should this arise, we ask that the following procedure be employed; any member who wishes to file a notice of complaint will have fourteen (14) days from the date of the alleged incident to submit, via email to the association at, the following:

  • notice of complaint/incident 
  • contact information of the complainant 
  • where possible, name of the respondent and any affected parties 
  • date and location of the incident 
  • detailed summary of the incident 
  • all evidence that supports the complaint 


An Individual who wishes to initiate a notice of complaint beyond the fourteen (14) day period must provide a subsequent request via email stating the reasons for the late delivery. A complaint beyond the fourteen (14) day period is accepted at the sole discretion of the board. Anonymous complaints or complaints received may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Board. 


The Board will respond via email within 48 hours with a detailed description of how the Disciplinary process will proceed outlining panel makeup, communication(s), timeline for review and decision criteria.