Dear Lakeshore Baseball members,

The Lakeshore Baseball Board is rescheduling this year’s AGM. This reschedule is necessary to follow an expanded Ballot and Election process for 2019 Board Member Candidates.

The 2018 AGM will now be held on Saturday December 8th from 9:30am to 11:30am.

A venue will be advised with the AGM Agenda announcement on Nov 25th. The AGM Agenda will include;

  • Reports from the President, Treasurer, Registrar and Directors.
  • Elections of the Directors – see Call for Candidates and Voting rules below.
  • Winter Camps
  • Various / other business


Call for Candidates – Deadline for application is Nov 19th 2018

For those interested in joining the LBA Board, prospective Candidates (including existing Board Members seeking re-election) need to submit their applications via email to by Nov 19th 2018.

At the AGM there will be four (4) separate Ballots as follows 

Ballot 1    Lakeshore Baseball President

Ballot 2    Lakeshore Baseball Treasurer

Ballot 3    VP of Baseball

Ballot 4    Lakeshore Baseball Director – three (3) vacancies


Specifically, for the President position – Article 5.3 of the Bylaws requires

To be eligible for a position of President a candidate must have served minimum 2 years on the board or existing board member, unless no candidate is available from the current board. then board may seek external candidate….”

Although a Candidate can only be elected to one of the four positions available, the Candidate must indicate all the positions for which they are applying, as such a candidate’s name maybe placed on each of the four ballots.

In addition to working with individual teams, Board Membership carries an expectation of approximately 50 hours of voluntary work per year.


The Nominating Committee will review all applications received by Nov 19th, the final slate of Candidates, in the form of 4 Ballot Lists, will be published as part of the AGM agenda on November 25th.

All Candidates must be present at the AGM on Dec 8th for the Election process.


AGM Voting rules                                                                      

There are two categories of members in the LBA, a) General Members & b) Voting Members                                                                                   

Voting Members: Those considered to be voting members are:

  1. Board Members
  2. Convenors*
  3. Head Coaches* (one per team)
  4. Assistant Coaches* (maximum of three per team) who must be registered in the official July 9th team cahier or the official Baseball Quebec register currently in force.
  5. Team Managers* (one per team) who must be registered in the official July 9th team cahier or the official Baseball Quebec register currently in force.

* The terms of these Voting members will coincide with the current LBA baseball season.

The Registrar maintains the list of voting members. Each voting member, in good standing, shall have one (1) vote at the Annual General Meeting.