Lakeshore Baseball is proud to introduce new jerseys for the upcoming 2021 season. Together with Campea Athletic Wear, we are excited provide a much-needed upgrade to the most important piece of apparel our players wear: jerseys!

Image Looking sharp, Lakeshore!

Every player is going to going to get a fresh new look on and off the field this year sporting our new permanent jerseys from ASG’s Kore Athletic. The new jerseys are breathable, lightweight, and designed for performance when our athletes steal bases and smash home runs. These uniforms will allow us to represent our association in style.

Be on the lookout for additional gear and accessories available to purchase throughout the season. To facilitate your shopping experience, most of these products will be available for order online direct from our supplier.

A Sense of Identity and Team Sportsmanship:

Team apparel means more than just everyone wearing the same coloured shirt. Apparel promotes unity and can motivate players to work together and bond, as well as create solidarity among players and fans. When players see teammates matching and looking professional, there is a feeling of fulfilment and desire to work together.

We hope to see you on the field soon proudly sporting the latest LBA apparel!