2024 Summer Baseball

At Lakeshore Baseball, we are excited about the programs that we have organized for the upcoming Baseball Season!

Below you find some important information including new programs and policy changes of which you will need to be aware to ensure that you have a successful 2024 Summer Baseball Season. Please review carefully!

To register for the 2024 Season, please click here.

Our Programs

Rally Cap: Our Rally Cap Program includes 2 groups: T-Ball and Pitching Machine. Twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Kirkland Park, your little ones will learn the basics of baseball, through a series of fun games and drills. Players will build on their skill set during this 12 week program which starts at the end of May, ending the summer off with a World Series including a skills competition. For more information, please click here

Mixed teams for 9U-18U (Boys) / 21F (Girls): Players from age 8 to 18 for boys and up to 21 for girls, participate in either A or B teams depending on the level of competition desired. Home games and practices are played at fields across Beaconsfield and Kirkland. Away games are played versus teams from across the West Island including the cities of Pierrefonds, DDO, St. Laurent, Lachine and off the Island in Chateauguay, Presqu’ile, Valleyfield and St. Lazare. Younger teams like 9U generally stay closer to home. Games are usually played during the week with practices on the weekend. For more information on each of the levels, please check the program section on our website.

“A” teams will be created based on baseball skills & capabilities along with performance demonstrated in simulated games during the tryouts. For “A” tryouts, you must be registered for the season. Balanced “B” teams will be formed from the remaining players after an evaluation of their skills, capabilities and performance in simulated games. No requests to play with friends or family members will be accepted.

Season Details for Mixed Teams:

  • A Level Tryouts: April (depending on weather). Click here to register for 'A' Tryouts

  • B Level Evaluations: After A tryouts are completed in late April/Early May

  • Rally Cap: Tuesdays and Thursdays starting late May until early August

  • Practices: Start after teams formed in early May and continue to the end of the season

  • Regular Season (A & B teams): Mid May to Early August

  • Regional Championships: Mid/Late August

  • Provincial Playoffs (if applicable): September

Players who are looking for even more competitive baseball should consider trying out for the AA Lac St. Louis Tigers regional teams

Girls’ Teams (9U thru 21U): If your daughter wants to play on an all girls team, we have a Girl’s Baseball Program organized by the Lac Saint Louis Region. Teams for both A and B levels are available and are hosted by the various associations across the region. For teams hosted by LBA, home games and practices are played at fields across Beaconsfield and Kirkland. Away games are played versus teams from across the West Island including the cities of Pierrefonds, DDO, St. Laurent, Lachine and off the Island in Chateauguay, Presqu’ile, Valleyfield and St. Lazare. Games are usually played during the week with practices on the weekend. For more information, please check out Baseball Féminin,

Please email President@lakeshorebaseball.ca for details on the timelines for the girls teams.

Junior A: New this year, Lakeshore Baseball is entering a team in the Ligue Metropolitaine Junior A for those players who have grown beyond our youth baseball teams. Players must be aged between 19 and 22.

Senior League: For those players older than 22 and want to continue playing baseball, you can enroll in the Lakeshore Senior Baseball League.

Coaches and Team Managers: We are always looking for head and assistant coaches along with team managers to volunteer and help lead our teams. One significant change for this season is to include our coaches in the evaluation and team formulation for the A and B teams. We value the expertise and unique perspectives of all our coaches, and we want to ensure that every coach is actively involved in shaping the teams and contributing to player development. If you are interested, please register here as a coach in order to get involved. During the online registration, you will be asked to provide what position i.e. head coach, assistant coach or team manager, which age groups and your experience (if any). New coaches are always welcome!

Vacations & Absences: Participation is the key to a player’s successful baseball season. We know that players may be absent during the summer. If you know that you or your child will be absent during the summer for 2 or more weeks, please advise your coach as soon as possible at the beginning of the season. This will enable them to make other arrangements with call-up players. As spots on A teams are limited and require extra commitment, if you intend on taking a vacation longer than 2 weeks, Lakeshore Baseball recommends that your child play B. During the online registration, you will be asked your vacation dates so that we can provide this information to the coaches.

Tournaments: During the season there are baseball tournaments organized by Lakeshore Baseball, other associations across Lac Saint Louis Region such as the DDO 9U Tournament and other regions around the Montreal area. This is a great opportunity to see our players compete against teams from across Quebec.

For tournaments outside of our association, the coaches will review the opportunities and decide with the team about participating in one of the away tournaments.

Locally, Lakeshore Baseball organizes the 18UA Trent Dean Memorial Tournament in mid July. This year we will add a new tournament for the 13UB level that will be held in late July. All Lakeshore 13UB and U18A teams will be required to register and participate in our tournaments. The tournament entry fees will be covered in a separate team budget.

Registration Fees

Starting this year, registration will be completed online using Spordle. If you have been a member of LBA in previous years, you will already have an account. If you are new, you will be asked to set up a new account using your email address. The registration links have been set up to take you directly to the online store to register you (if you want to be a coach) or your children). If you have any questions, please email registrar@lakeshorebaseball.ca

The levels and fees for the 2024 season for boys and girls are:

2017 - 2020 $190
2015 - 2016 $240
2013 - 2014 $280
2011 - 2012 $280
2009 - 2010 $330
2006- 2008 $330
JR 2002 - 2005 $380

Lakeshore Baseball Association reserves the right to close registration at any or all categories after March 30, 2024.

Registration Kit: In this year’s registration fee, each player will receive a practice T-shirt. During the online registration, you will be asked to provide your child’s T-shirt size.

Volunteer Fee: LBA is a volunteer organization and to run our programs, we need our member parents to lend a hand. New this year, a mandatory volunteer fee of $20 will be assessed to all 9U through 18U players and must be paid during uniform pickup. Families who volunteer as a coach, team manager or a LBA event such as 18UA or 13UB tournament or LSL Regional Championships will have their volunteer fee refunded. Should there be a shortage of volunteers for an event, Lakeshore Baseball reserves the right to pay non member individuals out of the volunteer fee pool. During the online registration, you will be asked if you want to volunteer.

Uniform Deposit: A mandatory uniform deposit of $50 must be provided during uniform pickup. Please bring a cheque dated September 30, 2024. A uniform will not be provided without this deposit. This cheque will only be cashed in October if you do not return your uniform on or by September 30, 2024. Otherwise it will be returned to you or destroyed.

Team Budgets: Association fees are all-inclusive as there will be no additional fees charged once the “A” or “B” teams are made. Each team may have a separate budget for individual team expenses such as tournament fees, schedule fee (i.e., TeamSnap), team party, etc. which are not included in the association fees. Details will be shared by the team manager once the team is formed.

Discounts: For families with 3 or more children, a discount is available. Once you have registered your children, Lakeshore will apply a credit equivalent to the youngest child(ren) to your invoice.

Payment: Please send your payment within 24 hours of registering by cheque or Interac E-Transfer. Your registration is not complete until payment has been received.
Cheques payable to: Lakeshore Baseball Association Inc.

Mail to: Lakeshore Baseball Association, 2963 boul St Charles, PO Box 40524, Kirkland, QC H9H 5C8

*Please add your children's names in the memo of your cheque. Interac E-transfers are payable to: payment@lakeshorebaseball.ca

*Please add your children's names in the optional message of your e-Transfer.

While our system does not require a security question, your banking institution might. If this is the case, please use the following question:

What sport is your child playing? Answer: Baseball

Refund Policy: A full refund will be provided for all requests received in writing by no later than April 30, 2024. A $50 registration fee will be withheld from all written refund requests received between May 1, 2024 and May 15, 2024. No refunds will be issued for any requests received after May 15, 2024. Regardless of the timing, for those players that make the Tigers AA team, a full refund will be granted.

Photo Consent: During the season, pictures are taken by various members that may be included on the LBA Website, on our social media pages or potentially in brochures to promote LBA. When you register, you will be given the opportunity to consent to allow LBA to use your child’s photo. Please note that LBA is not responsible for pictures or videos taken or uploaded by other parents or family members. Photos that are posted online or used in promotional material will not identify your child.

Waivers: When you register, we will ask you as the parent or guardian of registered minors or you as an adult, to sign several waivers. This year, these include the photo consent waiver, a participation waiver, a Code of Conduct waiver, a consent to collect personal information and for the players a BQ membership waiver. Please review these carefully and accept or decline.

To register for the 2024 Season, please click here.

We look forward to seeing you and your child(ren) at the baseball diamond. LBA Board of Directors


A uniform jersey will be issued to each player. The undersigned accepts the responsibility to return the uniform, washed, to the coach before the end of September. Upon failure to do so, the undersigned will be billed for the full replacement cost of a new uniform.

Each player is responsible to provide their own Baseball pants (color Grey mandatory).

Below are some stores that carry baseball supplies:

Play it Again Sport
Baseball Town

Every player must also provide his/her own CSA approved helmet, an athletic supporter and baseball cleats. Soccer cleats may be acceptable but not recommended, except for levels prior to Atom.



Bats made of wood, aluminium, graphite or any other material approved by the Q.B.A.F. are authorized. The bat must clearly show the manufacturer’s original marking indicating the bat’s length and weight. If not, the bat will be considered as illegal. A batter is called out for illegal action when he uses or attempts to use an illegal bat. No player can advance on the play, but any out or outs made during such play stand. A batter is considered as having used or attempted to use an illegal bat when he steps in the batter’s box with such bat.

Note: A reservist playing in a division and/or superior class has to conform to the bat rule where he is a reservist.

Rally Cap, Atom Timbits and Mosquito divisions: The bat shall not be more than thirty-two (32) inches in length and have a barrel no more than two and three-quarter (2 ¾) inches in diameter. All bats with a barrel superior to two and a quarter (2 ¼) inches must meet the USSSA 1.15 BPF standard and show the seal on the bat. The oval logo is printed on the bats since January 2012. The bats manufactured before that date are legal as long as the “USSSA 1./15 BPF” text is clearly visible on the bat.

Pee-Wee AA, A and B, Bantam A and B divisions: The bat shall have a barrel with a maximum of two and three quarters (2 ¾) inches.

Bantam AA, Midget A and B, Junior BB, Senior A and Senior BB: The “Minus 3” bat and superior bat (-2, -1, etc - difference between the length and the weight of the bat and not more than 2 5/8 inches in diameter at the thickest part) is the only one authorized. Note: A female player is not subject to this limitation.

Midget AA and AAA, Junior AA, Junior Elite, Senior AA divisions: Only wood bats are allowed. For wood bats (allowed in all divisions), see article 3.02 of the Baseball Canada Playing Rules.

Note: A female player is not subject to this limitation.