Our T-Ball (2018-2019 year of birth) and Rally-Cap (2016-2017 year of birth) programs are ready to get started. Under the guidance of seasoned trainers, your little ones will learn the basics of baseball, through a series of fun games and drills. Players will build on their skill set during this 12 week program, ending the summer off with a World Series including a skills competition.

FUN, FUN, FUN This program is all about having fun and growing your child’s love for baseball. As the season progresses, we will incorporate games into the sessions and end the season with some surprises! Please don't forget to check our website regularly for any updates to the schedule as they become available.

This summer , we are proud to again partner with Prospect Baseball to offer an enhanced T-Ball and Pitching Machine program for our grassroots players. Image Fred Majeur, President and founder of Prospect Baseball, and his team have spent many years working with young baseball players across the island of Montreal. Fred brings incredible energy, skill, and passion to the field and his love for the game is contagious.

Equipment every player will need the following equipment for the season: a baseball glove, protective cup (suggested but not mandatory), baseball bat, cleats (soccer cleats work as well) or running shoes, and a bottle of water. Players should ideally have baseball pants (no shorts, please). LBA will provide the players with shirts and caps. Please make sure to label your child’s equipment with their names, especially the helmets as they are all the same color!


Goal #1

Create a fun environment where athletes and coaches are actively engaged together in the game of baseball
  1. Use fun games to make baseball learning positive and fun.
  2. Encourage interaction between parents and athletes during Rally Cap sessions.

Goal #2

Develop fundamental motor skills, teach baseball skills and basic baseball rules to athletes.
  1. Organize practices to maximize learning, minimize inactivity with the number of repetitions in the various skills being introduced.
  2. Introduce fundamental motor skills for the all-round athlete.

Goal #3

Experience success with an emphasis on respect and fair play.
  1. Recognize the ability of each athlete is individual and progression will occur at their own rate through experience and effort.
  2. Recognize partial or total success through positive reinforcement.
  3. Organize activities adapted to everyone’s ability, proposing attainable challenges, and giving constructive feedback.

Goal #4

Promote increased self-esteem among Rally Cap athletes and coaches.
  1. Encourage athletes to do their best!
  2. Spend comparable teaching time with all athletes no matter their ability.
  3. Embrace challenges as a pathway to success!.